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Our Services

Property Management

CoRental complies with all federal and state fair housing laws and guidelines.

1.   Tenant screening and placement

  • Credit checks.
  • Investigation and verification of rental and/or ownership history.
  • Verification of employment, income and rental references.
  • Personal reference checks.
  • Violent & sexual offender checks, online criminal background checks (we have been providing this since May of 2006).

2.   We perform the following rental unit inspections

  • Check-in and checkout inspections.
  • General maintenance inspections annually or on turnover, whichever is more frequent.
  • If we have concerns for the welfare of the property, or if we suspect misuse by a tenant, we perform immediate walk through inspections and take appropriate action.

3.   Maintenance and repairs

  • We use a variety of reputable contractors to perform all types of maintenance and repairs.
  • No work is to be performed on the property without authorization or a work order from CoRental, which helps us control expenses for the owner.
  • Our extensive understanding of the mechanics of rental properties enables us to troubleshoot problems and choose the proper course of action so the correct contractor is dispatched the first time.
  • We can track utility expenses to flag and respond to excessive usage.

4.   Serving notices and evictions

  • We serve all appropriate notices in accordance with the Montana Landlord Tenant Act.
  • When necessary, we perform evictions to regain possession of the property in accordance with Montana law. The owner has the financial obligation for the cost of the eviction, including attorneys fees.

5.   Accounting

  • We provide our owners with a simple owner statement or an income statement & balance sheet for the current month and year to date, whichever the owner prefers.
  • Each month the owner receives a copy of all work orders and bills paid on each property.
  • The owners funds can be electronically deposited into their bank accounts or sent directly to them.
  • We normally process collected rents within five working days of receiving them. All rents are normally paid out between the 10th and 15th of the month providing a very efficient dispersion of the owners proceeds. We give our tenants a 5 day grace period to pay their rent before incurring a late fee of 10% of the uncollected amount.

6.   Advertising - The cost of advertising is included in our management fee.

 At CoRental we:

  • Run a daily display ad in the Daily Inter Lake newspaper and website.
  • Run ads in Flathead Beacon, Montana Woman, Relocation Guide and several local charitable foundation papers and websites.
  • Keep an in-house list of available rentals.
  • Advertise on the internet through our website, www.Corental.net. which averages over 2000 hits per week
  • Are members of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce which links to our website.